Emergency and Humanitarian support at PUM

Are you a charity or Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) looking for urgent information and supply of ultrasound machines? We can help.  

At Portable Ultrasound Machines (PUM) it is important to us that our work makes the greatest difference possible for practitioners and those benefitting from the multiple uses to which ultrasound machines can be put. 

Of course this relates to all those private practice sonographers, veterinarians and echocardiographers we support, but did you know a growing area of our work is the provision of machines to international humanitarian charities? 

We can provide immediate expert advice, often holding machines in stock and ready to ship immediately at the best possible prices. We are have a proud track record of working with the charity and NGO sector including supplying ultrasound machines for use in: 

  • Ukraine following Russia’s invasion;
  • Turkey following 2023’s earthquakes; 
  • The Gambia for use to support child and maternal health; 
  • Nigeria for obstetric use. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will all we can to support you. 

Below, you will find case studies of successful partnerships illustrating how we can help. 

Case study: Ultrasound machines for Ukraine

We jump at the chance to work with charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) making a positive impact on the world, and in the first of a new series of global case studies we shine a spotlight on IsraAID, an international humanitarian NGO, and our recent role in supporting their work. 

“It was really fortunate that we came across PUM. They were extremely service driven, immediately understanding our urgent needs, and jumping into action to support us. They went above and beyond to ensure the timely delivery of these critically needed machines. They had the equipment needed readily available and were an excellent partner for this cause”. – Joe Serkin, IsraAID. 

Read here about: [Download]

  • The ways IsraAID responded to the crisis in Ukraine
  • How PUM were able to meet IsraAID’s urgent needs
  • The impact the machines supplied by PUM had
  • How you can support the work of IsraAID in Ukraine
  • How PUM could support the work of your own charity

“It was fantastic to be able to use our resources here at PUM to support another charitable mission to Ukraine. When crises like this occur (and with Covid19 and the invasion of Ukraine, the world has endured a lot of tragedy recently), it’s easy to feel a sense of helplessness. Being able to put our ultrasound experience to good use is highly rewarding for the whole team”. – Catherine Stowell, PUM.

Case study: Ultrasound machines for maternal and child health

In the second of our  global case studies we shine a spotlight on Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association (AOJA) – a charity relieving sickness and promoting the preservation of good health in The Gambia – and our recent role in supporting their work. 

“Catherine Stowell [of PUM] was immediately responsive with helpful suggestions. Her advice obviously came from hands-on experience which gave me the confidence that we could obtain the right piece of equipment, at an affordable price, and that it would be supplied without unnecessary delay and therefore be received at the Clinic as soon as possible.”  – Lynn Wilson, Chair of AOJA

Read here about: [Download]

  • The way AOJA developed a ‘self help’ model for mother and child healthcare in Old Jeshwang
  • The need for ultrasound machines in the Old Jeshwang health clinic
  • How PUM responded to the need
  • The impact the machines supplied by PUM had
  • How you can support the work of AOJA in the Gambia
  • How PUM could support the work of your own charity

“We are delighted to have worked with AOJA to support their acquisition of an ultrasound machine that will go on to make such a difference to the lives of those in this Gambian community. This powerful example of improving the health outcomes of women and children by empowering local people continues to motivate us to work with charities and NGOs to achieve positive impacts through the use of ultrasound.” – Catherine Stowell, PUM.