08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

08A Vet with veterinary/neonate blood pressure cuff. Suitable for cats and dogs.

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Electronic Sphygmomanometer / Blood Pressure Monitor, suitable for small animals. Includes blood pressure cuff suitable for use with animals.

Package includes:

  • Contec 08A Vet
  • Veterinary blood pressure cuff (Neonate CM1200 cuff, 6-11cm)
  • Data analysis software (on included CD)
  • USB cable

Features of the 08A-Vet:

  • High definition large 2.8″ LCD display
  • Displays blood pressure, pulse rate, and optional sp02 (if you choose to add the tongue clip probe)
  • In-built data storage for up to 100 unique sessions
  • Allows three unique users – perfect for shared use within a vet practice
  • Oscillometric multistep deflation measurement method used for obtaining blood pressure measurements, ensuring excellent reproducibility
  • Fully customisable – add alarms to alert you when blood pressure, pulse rate or saturations fall below or rise above set limits
  • Data analysis software allows you to review and analyse data on your PC. It can also display trends in graph format, and allows printing of reports.

Technical specifications:

  • Measurement Method: Oscillometry
  • Measurement Position: Leg
  • Measurement Range: Pressure: 0~290mmHg(0~36.0kPa), Pulse Rate: 40~240bpm
  • Measurement accuracy: Blood Pressure: ± 3 mmHg, Pulse Rate: 3bpm or ± 3%, whichever is greater
  • Takes 4x AA alkaline batteries, or AC/DC adaptor

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    I got mine for my Whippet (Dog). My initial problem was my Whippet was having problems with his BP and the vet asked us to “pop him in” for regular BP tests (not mentioning a fee of £60 per visit) so we soon gave up on that idea. I decided I would source one myself but couldn’t find any sld in the UK and the ones that are looked cheap but expensive. I doubted that they would take the accuracy seriously in mere pets and so the only decent ones were those sold to vets and very expensive.

    I took it to show my dog’s heart specialist and she inspected it and said how unusual it was to find one that takes the neonatal/animal cuff and it looked very professional, she said that it was obviously a genuine medical grade machine and couldn’t beleive how cheap it was, it looked better than hers!

    Compared to £60 per visit (some charge £30 per test) and the fact you can do it at home keeping your pets stress levels down (MOST IMPORTANT) it was a bargain at under £50. It’s such a superb machine and even the battery compartment is quality, really good secure contacts and uses AA cells, which are much more durable than the many AAA versions out there. The display is superb quality, it instantly inspires confidence, you don’t see quality like this for £50 anywhere. The company aso does software for uploading the data to a PC and you can create patient names and store the readings.

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