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Our most popular Contec Medical products are fingertip pulse oximeters for SP02 monitoring, and theĀ PM10 portable ECG. With the CMS-VESD, you can combine both functions in a single device, easily flipping between the ECG and SP02 monitoring interfaces.

The CMS-VESD is also supplied with a set of headphones because it is marketed as a “digital stethescope.” We shy away from using this terminology, because proper ascultation is the domain of skilled medical professionals. The CMS-VESD is marketed to professionals and home users alike, and we feel that its stethescope capabilities fall somewhere in between too much for the home user, and too little for the professional.

This is not to say, however, that it does not have its uses (it could certainly be used to listen to the lungs, pick up an aortic stenosis murmur or a severe regurgitant lesion), or that it’s not quite interesting for home use. It’s the ECG recordings and SP02 monitoring, however, that the home user will find most useful, and the device can record this data over very long time periods (up to 24 hours). The data can be filtered, smoothed and analysed on the software Contec provide, for self analysis or for feeding back to one’s doctor.

For medical professionals, the device stores individual patient records and allows for easy organisation of individual patients on the PC software.

Included in your box:

  • CMS-VESD device
  • Fingertip probe
  • Set of basic headphones
  • USB cable to attach your CMS-VESD device to a computer or plug adaptor for charging
  • Data analysis software (on included CD)
  • Manual

A couple of disclaimers:

– It is not possible to record sound from the stethescope (at least, not directly. Technologically gifted individuals could no doubt plug something different into the headphone output socket). Only ECG, pulse rate and saturations are recorded.

– The CMS-VESD is recharged through a USB connector. Contec ‘helpfully’ include a plug adaptor in the box, but unhelpfully, it’s a two-prong EU adaptor. A fantastic bonus for our European customers or those who frequently travel to the continent, but quite useless for the rest of us. Please don’t worry when you see this inside your box! The machine charges through any USB plug (you probably have one for your phone), or, failing this, plugged into your PC or laptop.

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