CMS60D Handheld Oximeter

The Contec CMS60D is our most popular oximeter for healthcare professionals and carers of adults, children and babies.

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Your package will include:

– CMS60D handheld unit (CE Certified & FDA Approved)
– Adult fingertip probe
– User manual
– 2x AA batteries, to get you going right away
– PC software, so you can conveniently review your data

This handheld oximeter performs equally well for single measurements and for longer recordings, such as sleep studies, as the CMS60D is capable of continuous recording for 24 hours. It is for this reason that it is frequently the choice of those needing to monitor new born babies (the neonate probe is specially designed to attach to the foot of the baby, not the finger).

The CMS60D has a large 1.8″ (4.5cm) colour TFT display. It boasts accuracy levels on par with handheld oximeters in the £300 price range.


Sp02 accuracy ±2% (tested at 70%~100% blood oxygen saturation). Resolution of 1%
Pulse rate accuracy: ±3bpm (between heart rates of 25-250bpm). Resolution of 1bpm
Displays PR and SP02, with full colour waveform display
Data can be transmitted to PC in real time

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9 reviews for CMS60D Handheld Oximeter

  1. 9 Review(s)


    What an excellent piece of equipment I have used it several times.and it is spot on.

    I am a volunteer community first responder with the East Midlands Ambulance Service and as we are unpaid volunteers we have to purchase all our own kit.
    I have been evaluating the pulse oximeter and it will now be recommended to my group of volunteers to purchase.
    Thank you for your swift delivery and hope to do business with you again in the very near future.

    Kind regards


  2. 9 Review(s)


    I bought this as I have a disabled son who is 4. He is on oxygen and is prone to alot of chest infections which result in his oxygen being turned up. He also gets very poorly so got this to help keep am eye on his oxygen levels

  3. 9 Review(s)


    Hi we bought this for our baby boy born at 26weeks he is now 8 months old.

    I am very disappointed this is not at all accurate showing oxygen levels of 46% we have tried the baby and infant attachment and both are not a true reading please can I return the item as not working as levels this low Ishould be taking him to the hospital every time I try the machine

    Many Thanks

  4. 9 Review(s)


    we purchased the oximeter as our 5 year old son has quite chronic asthma so we have to check his oxygen levels on a regular basis we have the small finger one but wanted something that we could leave on him for a little while whilst he was sleeping with an alarm as his oxygen dips at night. this was an amazing affordable price without having to pay the thousands that you can pay.

  5. 9 Review(s)


    Hello. I bought it for health purposes. Have to regularly monitor the oxygen
    In my blood.
    I am happy with the purchase,.
    Best regards

  6. 9 Review(s)


    I purchased the oximeter to use for my 3 year old son. He has quite bad asthma and there’s times where I’m unsure as to whether he needs to be seen by a GP or if it’s a proper emergency based on his oxygen levels and this has been a great help! I’ve used it twice, both times he’s needed to go into hospital, and it’s gave the same reading as the paramedics so I know it is reliable.
    Thank you for a great device. Really is a life saver.

  7. 9 Review(s)


    I am more than pleased with my handheld finger tips pulse Oximeter, Although as a First Responder we are issued with small finger models we are allowed to purchase our own handhelds. Having searched the internet for a suitable one I came across yours and quite frankly the price could not be beaten not even with the same model being displayed elsewhere notably China. In short, I am delighted with my purchase and thank you. I wish you continued success.

  8. 9 Review(s)


    We are foster caters and We purchased this item for random sats check on a child with a complex medical condition within our care. We are supplied with most medical equipment but bought this for peace of mind.

  9. 9 Review(s)


    Thanks for Oximeter. I am a sixty four year old with COPD plus Diabetes. I wanted to keep a check on oxygen levels throughout the night plus pulse rate. The Contect CMS60D has enabled me to do this as often as I want plus download the information to print for my doctor. It saves waiting for weeks to have a twenty four hour monitor fitted by NHS. Excellent piece of equipment and I am well pleased with it thanks.

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