PM10 Handheld ECG

The PM10 ECG monitor can be held between your hands or against your chest, to noninvasively record your heart rate and generate a simple ECG trace of your heart’s electrical activity.

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Heart rate

The PM10 will alert you to major heart rate abnormalities, reporting “bradycardia,” “normal rhythm” or “tachycardia” after monitoring for 10 seconds. Certain conditions are associated with abnormal heart rates – such as when you are in atrial fibrillation (AF), or feeling palpitations. Having the PM10 to hand (it’s small enough to carry in your pocket) means that you can capture these often transient episodes, and save them onto the monitor. You can then export them using the provided software, and send the recordings to your doctor.

Heart rhythm

The PM10 is no substitute for 12-lead ECG, but it can give you a basic rhythm strip, from which certain anomalies can be observed. These include ventricular ectopics, heart block, abnormal intervals, atrial fibrillation, and atrial flutter. The fact that the monitor can also be used against the chest can make it more sensitive to picking up atrial rhythms.

Transient rhythm changes can be observed in a number of conditions, such as when experiencing chest pain (of ischaemic origin), palpitations (of unknown origin or during pregnancy) or dyspnoea.

Why buy from us?

We are not your standard medical equipment company. Any questions are answered directly by a technician who works within a cardiology department in the NHS. Whilst we cannot offer medical advice to you outside of the hospital setting, we have a genuine understanding of ECG and any associated tests you may have had (such as echocardiography), and are happy to guide you with terminology and how to use the machine.

PM10 software Tutorial – How to download your ECG readings using the software

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7 reviews for PM10 Handheld ECG

  1. 7 Review(s)


    very happy with your product

  2. 7 Review(s)


    I bought this device to have a proof of my cardiac failures because it does not happen to the doctor. I also ordered (in another shop a “heal force PC80B” (which I have not yet received). PM is rather nice, it takes a little time to turn on and off to measure, I am very satisfied with this product, notament level price quality, the apllication for windows is correct, shows us for android is null, which is damage. I saw my doctor this morning, he saw the PM10 records and understood that he had to do something (every time my heart was fine during the consultations), he was able to better diagnose My problem and said himself that “this device was very useful”. Without the PM10 my doctor could not see my problem. Thanks to this he directed me to a cardilogue and gave me drugs for patient. So it is a very good thing that this device exists and that the price is competitive.

  3. 7 Review(s)


    I bought one of these ecg devices on ebay from Contec in China last year as I developed a strange heart beat and wanted to show the consultant some data. As you know with these illnesses, there is nothing wrong when you get a test at the hospital and it goes wrong as soon as you leave. I found the device gave almost as good results as the hospital 12 point ecg machines once I had downloaded the PM10 software from the Contec website and transferred the data across to my computer where I could print it out.

    Unfortunately, the device went dead a couple of weeks ago so I have sent it back to Contec in China for repair/exchange under warranty. In the meantime, as my wife has attrial fibrillation, AF, and also needs to record data for a meeting with her consultant, I purchased another identical unit from you (actually cheaper than the one I bought originally). Many thanks, the device works fine and I hope it doesn’t fail like the other one did.

    I don’t know why they don’t include the PM10 software with the device as it makes it 100 times more useful and you get a detailed recording that you can investigate far better than on the device itself. I will also mention that the instructions in Chinenglish are almost impossible to understand.

    Kind Regards.

  4. 7 Review(s)


    I bought it for health reasons, and I am extremely happy with it as it picked up a problem I was having (tachycardia & missed heart beats) which the doctors kept missing. I would definitely recommend this to others and when I showed it to my doctor he too was impressed with it.

  5. 7 Review(s)


    My It skills are minimal. EAsy to uyse, the ECG is very useful. Thank you.

    £60 +VAt and £120 referal fee to get it done privately, GP trying to catch AF in my heart, caught it first usage.

  6. 7 Review(s)


    I bought it for personal reasons after sometimes experiencing awful chest pains for 30mins onwards. This is going to either give me that motivation to get properly checked at hospital or put my mind at rest as I’ve been to hospital before and got the all clear (though I had no pain at the time). The fact it is Bluetooth is amazing so I could print up if I’m worried and off to hospital.

  7. 7 Review(s)


    I have purchased it for personal use, have Heart Disease but have allergies to some Heart medication so need to monitor myself and results go to doctor.

    I had one of these devices until my puppy ate it the day I ordered this one, I will make sure she doesn’t get this one lol.
    The only thing I cannot find is a pulse monitor that will work when you are sleeping and records the results so you can download them to computer, if you know of this type of device I would have an interest.


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