CMS50E Colour Waveform Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The CMS50E is the leader in the fingertip pulse oximeter world. With full colour waveform and bargraph display, and data analysis software included, the CMS50E really is the perfect choice for in-depth measurement and study of pulse rate oxygen saturation levels. The CMS50E also lends itself to sleep study, as its large internal memory and powerful rechargable lithium ion battery allows it to work for 24 hours continuously.

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Your package comes in a metallic box and includes:

1. Main Unit
2. USB Cable
3. Software CD
4. Hanging Cord
5. Adapter
6. User Manual


Suitable for: hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare, etc.
Can measure SPO2 and PR accurately
SPO2 and PR display, PR waveform and bargraph display
Battery voltage indicator
4 Direction Dispaly
Four levels of adjustable brightness
Pulse sound function
Alarm function; can set upper and lower limits
USB interface to computer; software can analyse, store and print the data.
Low power consumption; shuts off automatically when no signal is being received
57(L) × 32(W) ×30(H) mm
1.3’ 65K Colour OLED display, resolution 160*128
Resolution: 1% for SPO2, 1bpm for pulse
Accuracy: ±2% (>70%) for SPO2, ±2BPM or ±2% (whichever is greater) for pulse
Power: 1 rechargeable Li battery
Charging method: USB port or mains

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions1 × 2 × 3 cm

5 reviews for CMS50E Colour Waveform Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  1. 5 Review(s)


    im happy with my purchase i did have a disagreement with the delivery people but did eventually get it sorted i have COPD and //hemochromatosis that’s to much iron in my blood soi have to monitor my oxygen levels and heart rate frequently

  2. 5 Review(s)

    Paul B

    This product is just FANTASTIC. I have Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and most pulse oximeters cannot cope with my very irregular heart beats. With the actual waveform being displayed, and the pulse beat beep turned on, I can monitor my pulse perfectly. The ability to record the data as well is a bonus. I cannot recommend this product enough, and thank you for offering it to me at such an excellent price.

  3. 5 Review(s)


    I work with very poorly/disabled children in there home environment. Many times during seizures children stop breathing and after repeatedly seizing there bodies get tired. Your product has become invaluable in maintaining and monitoring the Health of clients that don’t have the equipment available in hospital. Thanks

  4. 5 Review(s)


    One of my main conditions is COPD due to emphasemia but as part of my main diagnosis of Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome now known as hEDS I have a very diverse set of systems so have to buy various items as part of monitoring and management of them over time.

    The oxyyCMES50E I purchased has already justified its purchase just from being able to record a few short examples of exacerbations that will make my next visit to see my respiratory consultant 10 times more productive and not least because I’m also currently in yet another pneumonia exacerbation where close monitoring of my O2 Sat and heart rate trace is potentially life saving given I wasn’t admitted to hospital this time round, I suspect, due to chronic bed shortages in my local NHS trust right now.

    So thank you – thank you – thank you!

    I didn’t know I was about to contract pneumonia when I purchased it but boy am I glad I have it right now.

    I already have many other medical devices to aid me that I have purchased online and also ones provided by the NHS and I purchase a range of braces for my joint often.

    Hope this information is helpful.

  5. 5 Review(s)


    I purchased the Contec oximeter because I have Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency which has caused me to have emphysema with a total lung capacity of approximately 50%.

    I already have a Contec oximeter that just shows information on the finger, but needed one that actually records information overnight.

    I have recently been having trouble sleeping and am worried that my oxygen levels might be falling during sleep.
    I recorded my levels for several nights and took a printout to my GP yesterday, who said that it definitely doesn’t look right, so he has referred me to my lung specialists to look into it and to take the printouts with me.

    The oximeter is easy to use and thankfully my Windows Vista accepted the program. I had read a lot of reviews on-line and some people had trouble uploading, but I decided to buy it anyway and am very glad that I did.

    I hope this is helpful to you and your business.

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