CMS50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Free UK delivery. Please note that the Contec CMS50DL is currently (during the current pandemic) supplied from the manufacturer without a carry case.

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The CMS50DL answers the physician, medical, home health care, sports and aviation markets’ demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate. Pulse oximeters can enable you to detect a fall in oxygen saturation levels before the onset of severe symptoms, and take action quickly.

The CMS50DL Finger Pulse Oximeter is very small & lightweight, and uses CMS’s uniquely patented algorithms that use dual ‘see-through’ sensor technology for the accurate measurement of blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate.

Ideal for Hospitals, Doctors, Home Health Care, Clinics, Aviation, Free Diving / Anaerobic training, Mountain Climbing, Walkers & Cyclists.




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“I am an officer with Kent Police and a trained operational medic. I am really pleased with the item and it will assist me with my treatment of patients that I deal with” – Steven at Kent Police.



  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (CMS50DL)
  • Neck/wrist strap
  • Instructional manual (including a short guide to how pulse oximetry and Sp02 measurement works)

Carry cases are not included by the manufacturer at the present time.



  • CE Approved
  • Soft padded grip – simply insert your index, middle or ring finger, press the power button, and sp02 and pulse rate will display in seconds
  • Enjoy total peace of mind with our 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Immediate UK dispatch: First-Class Recorded
  • Long Battery Life – 2500 Spot-Checks or 30 hrs Continuous

Specifications :

Display mode: LED
SPO2: Measurement range: 35-99%
Accuracy: +-2%
Pulse: Measure range: 30-240 BPM
Accuracy: +-2 BPM
Pulse Intensity: Bar graph Indication
Power Requirements: Two AAA alkaline Batteries (not provided – if you want these included, please contact us first)
Battery consumption: Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries can be continuously used as long as 30 hours
Dimension: Length: 58mm (2.28″)
Width: 32mm (1.26″) Height: 34mm (1.34″)
Weight: 50g (1.77 ounces) – including two AAA batteries
Operating Temp: 0 – 50 C

Storage Temp: -10 – 60 C

Operating Humidity: 15% – 95% RH
Storage Humidity: 10% – 95% RH

Additional information

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16 reviews for CMS50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  1. 16 Review(s)


    I purchased the oximeter for my personal use has I have COPD, I also am diabetic and insulin treated, I am prone to chest infections, so the oximeter helps me to monitor my health, xx

  2. 16 Review(s)


    this is an excellent product worth every penny .much better than a cheaper alternative ,its used every day in my nursing workplace .

  3. 16 Review(s)


    Hello, I am very happy with my purchase. I actually work for London ambulance service and my uncle is obsessed with all the ambulance kit so I brought him it as a little gift. He was very pleased and checks his saturation regularly as it’s a little low!

  4. 16 Review(s)


    I purchased the Oximeter for my daughter who has chronic asthma and copd and has had 4 near fatal attacks in the last 6 months and thus device will serve as an advance warning for us.

  5. 16 Review(s)


    I bought it for personal health check,very pleased with the item

  6. 16 Review(s)


    I purchased it because my third child has down syndrome and suffers with his chest and my main concern when he’s Ill are his oxygen levels. My friend recommended one of these to me!

    It’s fantastic. He was unwell at the beginning of this week and it gave me the reassurance I know the signs to look out for but its just another reassurance or a bit of technology to give me a small guidance

  7. 16 Review(s)


    Thank you for a reasonably priced, compact and accurate product!! I am a medically trained Firefighter and wanted one to be part of my personal trauma pack that I keep in my personal vehicle and off duty!! Great little piece of kit n great value for money!! When I said accurate I meant head to head with our pulse Oximeter on our appliance and know they cost upwards of £450!

  8. 16 Review(s)


    Very happy with the oximeter many thanks.

    I purchased it for sports use. Mainly measuring resting heart rate to keep check on fatigue.

    It’s seems as accurate as my Garmin watches and a lot easier to use when your half soaped in the morning. Haha.

    Thanks again

  9. 16 Review(s)


    Thank you very much it’s working really well

  10. 16 Review(s)


    I purchased the oximeter for my dad it’s for lots of health problems , he’s 71 and has severe copd , his other oximeter stopped working so I quickly ordered one he was very happy with his purchase lovely packaging and had a nice case , thank you so much

  11. 16 Review(s)


    Hi I bought this Oximeter for my wife as she suffersfrom Atrial Fibrillation and needs to keep a record of the heart rate and this meter is a great help

  12. 16 Review(s)


    I purchased the oximeter for both work and home. My wife is a care home manager and i work in education. We also have a very extensive home/car medical kit including many item most everyday users will not have.

  13. 16 Review(s)


    Hi thank you for my product I m very happy with it and was surprised how fast it, so thank you.I got it as my daughter has bad asthma and is only 3 years old we are always up and down the doctors to get her checked so now we are able to do that ourselfs now. This should save us and the docs time. So thank you again.Eilish X

  14. 16 Review(s)


    Thank you for your quick dispatch I am over the moon with my purchase

  15. 16 Review(s)


    I bought this for COPD, IT IS EXCELLENT VAUE, especially the case, which protects it, when im playing LAWN BOW LS, I USE OXYGEN 15 HOURS A DAY, SO IT GIVES ME INSTANT READINGS

  16. 16 Review(s)


    First off I would like to say how greatful I am for the speedy delivery and for you upgrading my delivery service. Also I would like to say a massive thank you for the product as it is amazing and way better than working order. Id like to say how impressed I was with both the product, deleivery and communication. Many thanks Sian

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