CMS50I Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Wrist oximeter, with SP02 adult probe included. Ideal for longer term pulse rate and oxygen saturation monitoring due more practical design, 24-hour memory. Equipped with PR and SP02 alarms, as well as a perfusion index to alert you to the quality of the obtained reading.

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Package includes:
CMS50I Wrist Oximeter, dimensions: 63(L) x 55(W) x 15(H)mm. Weighs 45g including battery.
1x adult finger probe (contains latex)
2x one-off adhesive SP02 probes
Power adapter
CD of PC software
USB cable
User manual

Covered by 1 year Contec warranty. CE and FDA approved.

Reading specifications:
SP02 accuracy ±2% (for oxygen saturations between 70-100%).
Pulse rate accuracy ±1bpm (for heart rates between 30-250 beats per minute)

Particularly popular with our doctors in Italy and Spain.

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5 reviews for CMS50I Wrist Pulse Oximeter

  1. 5 Review(s)


    Very good device. I am on long term oxygen therapy and it is useful for monitoring saturation level when driving etc.

  2. 5 Review(s)


    I have sleep apnoea and needed to provide some data for NHS consultant before I could apply to get my driving licence back.This was easier than waiting weeks for a sleep clinic appointment so they could lend me an oximeter overnight. Machine works really well and I had no trouble persuading the consultant to review the data it provided. Only downside was file format is proprietary so I wasn’t able to send a digital file, had to print and scan before I could send results.

    regards, Bruce

  3. 5 Review(s)


    Am very happy with my CMS50I. I bought it for monitoring sleep apnoea and it does the job nicely.


  4. 5 Review(s)


    I was sent away from North Hants after one night oxi test as not having sleep apnea. Surprising since it was my partner a Practicioner Nurse at the time that sent me my GP.

    So in conjunction with my GP I purchased the item to do a 14 night study. Still to be analysed by the GP.
    The results were remarkable. In that period I had not woken feeling half dead which is I believe a severe attack. Although every night the apnea could be seen in various periods sometimes dipping under the default 88 for a time and a few times to the level of the alarm.

    In my opinion the evidence is clear and printed out for analysis. The only thing I am not clear on is how bad this has to be before they action a remedy. I know I have much worse times randomly but catching them is possible with patience and ongoing tests.

    So yes very helpful.

  5. 5 Review(s)


    Hi Catherine,

    You’ve been a seller totally unlike many if not most others. You’ve been helpful in setting up alternative delivery, you’ve supplied what you said, when you said, well-packaged.

    Sadly my frequent experience is that things are misdescribed, delayed in sending, sent badly packaged, or the wrong items sent.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts.

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