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08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

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08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor:

The 08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor / Electronic Sphygmomanometer is an advanced device, engineered to provide precise blood pressure measurements for a wide variety of animal patients. Specifically designed for small animals, this electronic sphygmomanometer provides you with an accurate way of monitoring your pet's blood pressure. This user-friendly monitor features a large, easy-to-read display and intuitive controls, ensuring effortless operation for veterinary professionals. 


The device offers reliable readings while ensuring minimal stress to animals, being both comfortable and safe to use, making it ideal for routine check-ups and critical care monitoring. Improve your pet's health with precision using the 08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor. 

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Product Features:

  • High definition large 2.8″ LCD display


Displays blood pressure, pulse rate, and optional sp02 (if you choose to add the tongue clip probe).


In-built data storage for up to 100 unique sessions.

  • Allows three unique users, perfect for shared use within a vet practice.


  • Oscillometric multistep deflation measurement method used for obtaining blood pressure measurements, ensuring excellent reproducibility.

  • Fully customisable – add alarms to alert you when blood pressure, pulse rate or saturations fall below or rise above set limits.


  • Data analysis software allows you to review and analyse data on your PC. It can also display trends in graph format, and allows printing of reports.

Package Includes:

  • Contec 08A Vet.
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuff (Neonate CM1200 cuff, 6-11cm).
  • Data Analysis Software (Download via our website here).
  • USB cable.
  • Batteries (Not rechargeable. Can replace with your own rechargeable batteries).

Technical specifications:

Measurement Method:

  • Oscillometry.

Measurement Position:

  • Leg.

Measurement Range:

Pressure: 0~290mmHg(0~36.0kPa), Pulse Rate: 40~240bpm.

Measurement accuracy:

Blood Pressure: ± 3 mmHg, Pulse Rate: 3bpm or ± 3%, whichever is greater

  • Takes 4x AA alkaline batteries, or AC/DC adaptor