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CMS60D Handheld Oximeter with Adult & Paediatric Probe

CMS60D Handheld Oximeter with Adult & Paediatric Probe

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CMS60D Handheld Oximeter with Adult & Paediatric Probe:

This handheld oximeter performs equally well for single measurements and for longer recordings, such as sleep studies, as the CMS60D is capable of continuous recording for 24 hours.  (the neonate probe is specially designed to attach to the foot of the baby, not the finger).

"This has been amazingly reassuring for me, my daughter has suffered with viral wheeze a lot over the last few months with quite a few hospital admissions. I’ve taken it into hospital with us and it matches up to the figures on their sats machines. Provides me with a really good gauge on how she is doing, especially at night time." - January 2019

"I purchased this pulse oximeter to use as a Community First Responder. It seems to give an accurate reading and is easy to use and leave on to monitor the patient prior to the ambulance arriving. The three different probes are very useful, particularly when dealing with children." - Neil, May 2019.

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Product Features:

The Contec CMS60D has been our most popular handheld oximeter for healthcare professionals and carers of adults, children, and babies for the past three years. It is most frequently purchased by:

  • General practitioners.
  • First responders.

  • Delivered fast and free.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Lifetime UK support from health professionals (we're NHS employees!).

Package Includes:

  • CMS60D Handheld Oximeter Unit (CE Certified & FDA Approved).
  • Adult Fingertip Probe.
  • Paediatric Probe.
  • User Manual.
  • 2x AA Batteries, to get you going right away.
  • PC Software, so you can conveniently review your data.

Technical specifications:

  • Sp02 accuracy ±2% (tested at 70%~100% blood oxygen saturation). Resolution of 1%.

  • Pulse rate accuracy: ±3bpm (between heart rates of 25-250bpm). Resolution of 1bpm.

  • Displays PR and SP02, with full-colour waveform display.

  • Data can be transmitted to a PC in real-time.