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Cuff for 08A VET 10-19 cm

Cuff for 08A VET 10-19 cm

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Cuff for 08A VET 10-19cm:

Ensure accurate and comfortable blood pressure measurements for veterinary patients with the 08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuff. This product is specifically designed for animal use, offering a reliable solution for monitoring the cardiovascular health of various species of animals. Allows for routine blood pressure monitoring in veterinary clinics, as well as pre-surgical and post-surgical monitoring and monitoring of chronic conditions such as hypertension.


Enhance your veterinary practice with the 08A Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuff, a reliable and comfortable solution for monitoring an animal's blood pressure. 

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Product Features:

Species-Specific Design:

The 08A Veterinary Cuff is specially designed and tailored to fit a range of animal sizes, providing many different, accurately sized cuffs of various sizes that allow use on small pets to larger animals. 

High-Quality Material: 

Made with a high-quality material, providing long-lasting use, promoting durability, and ensuring easy cleaning with an attached PVC connector. 

Comfortable Fit:

The flexible fabric ensures comfort for the animal during the process of taking measurements, minimizing stress and discomfort. 

Easy Application:

Simple to apply and adjust, with a Velcro strap to secure the closure of the cuff, keeping it in place during use.

Accurate Readings:

Compatible with most veterinary blood pressure monitors, providing reliable and consistent readings to support effective and efficient treatment decisions. 

Package Includes:

  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuff - Sizes vary.

Technical specifications:

Sizes Range:

  • 3-6 cm. 
  • 4-8 cm.
  • 6-11cm.
  • 7-13cm.
  • 8-15cm.


Works with standard veterinary blood pressure monitors.