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PulseEcho Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

PulseEcho Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

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PulseEcho Wireless Ultrasound Scanner: 

Introducing the new Pulse-Echo Wireless Ultrasound machine, perfect for beginners. Featuring a single frequency 3.5MHz probe, it delivers excellent penetration, even for larger breeds.

Getting started is easy: once your system arrives, download our free app from the App Store onto your smartphone or tablet. This app allows your device to receive images from the wireless Pulse-Echo scanner and lets you adjust the main controls—gain, depth, and focus. You can also freeze and save images and cine loops, ready to share. Additionally, the system supports simple distance and trace measurements.

The Pulse-Echo wireless ultrasound system is ideal for abdominal exams and animal pregnancy scanning in dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, and goats. It features a 3.5MHz 128-element 

ultrasound transducer and connects wirelessly to your iPad or smartphone (including iPhone). Please note, this system requires a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for operation, as it does not come with a screen.

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Product Features:

Ideal for abdominal exams and animal pregnancy scanning (dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, goats)

3.5MHz 128-element ultrasound transducer

Wireless connection to iPad or smartphone (including iPhone)

Requires a smart device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) for operation

Main controls: gain, depth, and focus

Features: freeze, save images, and cine loops

Capable of simple distance and trace measurements

Package Includes:

Wireless ultrasound scanner

USB cable

Technical specifications:

  • 3.5MHz 128 element ultrasound transducer
  • Connects wirelessly to your iPad or smart phone (including iPhone)